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An item writer is someone with content and/or teaching expertise in a given discipline who is asked to create test items for large-scale standardized assessments. Item writers create test items that are aligned with specific learning standards or objectives as identified by the client.

Since writing needs vary by client, an item writer’s task can involve a variety of duties. The experienced item writer might research and craft passages as well as write multiple-choice items for ELA, science, social studies, or math, and create writing prompts. All item writers submit their work via our secure website.

Every MetriTech item writer receives specific training in creating passages, items, or writing prompts that meet the requirements of standardized testing. In order to be effective, item writers combine their experience with the training and resources they receive to create valid, reliable, fair, and unbiased test items. MetriTech has developed a comprehensive item writer training program to assist both new and previous item writers before they begin work on an actual project. The program is continually reviewed, refined, and updated according to each client’s needs. MetriTech has developed a vast array of ancillary documents to support item writers during item creation. Working in tandem as a team, the item writer and MetriTech staff stay in close contact during this stage to ensure that all items created are valid, reliable, fair, and unbiased.

If you are interested in item writing for MetriTech or you would like to learn more please view our Employment page.